Tesla's New Promo Shows a Mystery Car

05/11/2018 01:14:44
Tesla's New Promo Shows a Mystery Car
Tesla has released a nice glossy video about its futuristic interior of the Roadster, and most interesting a mystery car partly hidden under a sheet

Tesla has released a nice glossy video about all the cool stuff it’s been spending all that cash out. This includes a decent look at the futuristic interior of the Roadster (1min 5sec mark), some slick footage of the Gigafactory, and most interesting of all, a mystery car partly hidden under a sheet (15sec).

Naturally, this has sent the Internet into speculation overdrive. Is it the incoming Model Y? Is it a revamped Model S? Is Tesla trolling us all as a distraction technique?

Right now, we can’t help but think it’s the latter - whatever it is just looks too low to be the Model Y crossover, and you’d understand why Tesla would want to indulge in a smoke and mirrors exercise right now.

We’ll open the floor to your suggestions…



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